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Establishing an association

People for whom advocacy and helping others is their defining characteristic often consider setting up their own NGO.
Establishing an association

You may find that acting alone at the beginning proves too difficult and what you want to do is ideally suited for an association.

An association is a group of people (friends, close and more distant acquaintances, family members or complete strangers) who want to achieve a common goal or develop their interests. These could be team sports, a love of classical music, a passion for video games, or helping animals.

The most important aspect of an association is its members. An association is most often formed by a group of people who want to highlight a social issue or work together for a particular purpose. Acting together, they want to develop their interests (e.g. combat sports) or achieve a goal they have set themselves (e.g. register a factory building as a historic building, renovate it, etc.).

Before you decide to set up an association, you should find out what is involved in carrying out such a process.

If you decide to work with our firm, we will tell you how to set up an association and will carry out the entire procedure for you, up to and including entering the association in the relevant register.

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