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Legal services for associations

Running an association involves a lot of formalities, such as reporting changes to the National Court Register or account keeping.
Legal services for associations

Changes such as the address of the association or the composition of the Board must always be notified to the National Court Register. This involves not only the preparation of the relevant documents (resolutions, statements, minutes of the general meeting of the association’s members), but mainly the completion of all required forms and applications for the National Court Register.

Running an association also involves obligations related to the management of personal data of board members, association members, clients, donors, volunteers, associates, employees, etc. An association must be aware what data it collects and for what purpose, and to provide appropriate information to data subjects.

An association is also about volunteers and its members. In order for it to be able to fulfil its statutory objectives, in addition to the support of their members, associations often decide to use the help of people who selflessly want to assist in the association’s activities. Working with volunteers must comply with applicable laws: appropriate volunteer bylaws, agreements and other documents and procedures must be drawn up depending on the nature of the activities.

Associations and other NGOs can face complex legal, financial and accounting issues in the course of their activities. In many situations, an association should have bylaws and policies to properly regulate its activities.

We are a law firm that will help you set up an association and register it with the National Court Register. We will also support you in your day-to-day activities and advise you on what you can do to ensure that your association operates lawfully.

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