Positive impact start-ups are organisations whose goal, beyond making money, is to change the world for the better.

We understand this approach well, as our law firm was established for this very reason. In 2022, we were even Laureates of the Positive Impact Startups Report. Radical Social Innovation, published by the Kozminski Business Hub (Kozminski University).

Changing the world for the better often involves acting in areas that Polish law has not kept up with. In such cases, it helps to have the support of a committed and modern law firm that is not afraid to act outside the box. We believe in your mission and will therefore do everything we can to help you.

If you just have an idea: many problems can be avoided at the business incorporation stage. If you have an idea, write to us and we will help you with the formalities. We will advise on the best form of business for you, the risks your business will face and how to avoid them.

If you are already operating: we know which risks you need to take seriously and eliminate immediately, and which ones you need to accept until you get to the next stage. Our solutions will help you gain a competitive edge in the market.