residence permits

Work and residence permits

It is a common practice for NGOs to employ people of various nationalities.
Work AND

International charities setting up branches or foundations in Poland need competent staff. Often, to start operations in Poland, they bring their staff from other countries. In order for an employee (foreigner) to start working legally in Poland, the employer must obtain a work permit for him/her before signing a contract with such a person.

Legalden specialises in matters related to the process of entry, stay and work of foreigners in Poland. We assist foreigners with the permit process, from obtaining an entry visa, to the successful receipt of a residence permit. We have handled work and residence permits for people from countries such as: Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, France, Greece, Spain, Serbia, Ukraine, Jordan, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Syria, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. We provide legal advice both at face-to-face meetings and by email or phone.

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